» Fertility analysis in stallions.
» Collection or extraction of semen.
» Management of refrigerated and fresh semen.
» Special accommodation for Padrillos.


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the technique by which a single sperm is mechanically introduced into the cytoplasm of a mature egg and, in this way, fertilize it and obtain embryos in vitro. This technique is widely used in assisted fertility clinics in humans.
To achieve embryos through ICSI, the donor mare's ova are directly extracted from the ovaries by a technique called follicular aspiration that is done in the field. Later they are taken to the laboratory to carry out the maturation processes, ICSI and culture of the embryos that will then be transferred to recipient mares. In El Palenque we are already transferring embryos produced by this technique. Para lograr embriones mediante la ICSI, los óvulos de la yegua donante son extraídos directamente de los ovarios por una técnica llamada aspiración folicular que se realiza a campo. Posteriormente son llevados al laboratorio para realizar los procesos de maduración, ICSI y cultivo de los embriones que luego serán transferidos a yeguas receptoras. En El Palenque ya estamos transfiriendo embriones producidos mediante esta técnica.

Cryopreservation of cells for cloning Another service that we are providing through the El Palenque-LabBA agreement is cryopreservation of cells for cloning. It is done by removing a skin biopsy on the neck board  of the horse (below the mane) of approximately 3-5 mm. This biopsy is grown to obtain cells (fibroblasts)  which are then cryopreserved in thermos of liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) for an indefinite period.


We have an establishment specially developed to attend the mares at the time of delivery, neonatoligía, and even the rearing of foals until weaning.

Coming soon in Palm Beach

New Service.
Through an agreement with Palm Beach Equine Clinic we will begin to provide all our services in terms of reproduction and embryo transplantation, in Wellington, USA.
A special partnership with 'PALM BEACH EQUINE MEDICAL CENTER', will allows us to offer this very important service for both polo players,  as for breeders who have their mares competing in Florida.
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